President Bush and Prime Minister Blair call it a war on terror. Our forces have engaged the enemy primarily in Iraq and Afghanistan. This war on terror is being fought against radical Moslem fanatics, who are motivated by hate. They hate western civilization, they hate Americans, they hate Jews, and they hate any Arab who converts to Christianity. 

These Islamic Fascists declare they are in a world war. We ought to believe them. They are highly committed, they care nothing for human life, and they have powerful, oil-wealthy backers.

They have killed thousands of American citizens, destroyed American buildings, attacked the USS Cole, bombed embassies, and murdered innocents in Afghanistan, Iraq, England, Spain, Italy, India, Sudan, Algeria, Indonesia, Lebanon, Israel, Somalia, Bali and the Philippians.

Too many Americans still don’t get it. As American veterans, we need to help fellow citizens see these attacks for what they are: A world wide attack on civilization. The fanatics are a dangerous threat because they are ruthless. It will take a resolute and powerful America to stand them down.

We desperately need to elect people who will defend our country against this very potent threat.