Veterans for Victory is proud to report that four of the eight original candidates for Congress that VfV supported in the 2006 elections actually won their races.

We want to give our many loyal supporters the total credit. Only with their dedicated and continued financial support was this possible.

In 2004 President Bush, a true friend of all veterans, was re-elected. In that election battle Veterans for Victory PAC sent out over 2 million letters exposing John Kerry’s war record and his anti-American, anti-war activities. 

In addition we contributed thousands of dollars to veterans running for congress. We also produced two anti Kerry TV-ads that ran in Washington, Oregon, and Colorado. 

In 2006 VfV PAC asked patriotic Americans to help save the Congress from being captured by the cut-and-run congressional Democrats. We knew they would appoint radical Nancy Pelosi from San Francisco as Speaker of the House. In that election battle Veterans for Victory PAC donated campaign money to a number of veteran and/or pro-military candidates. Four of the original eight candidates VfV PAC supported won their election contests. They are in the Congress now, helping to defend America.

In the up-coming 2008 elections we know that there will be many close congressional races where veterans and pro-military candidates will need a little extra help to put them over the top. Of course, Traditional American Patriotism and Values will be on the line in the presidential election!

We believe the tables can be turned on the Left and that the defeat for America they are currently savoring can be up-ended with a significant win for America in those 2008 elections.

Contributors to Veterans for Victory can give a major boost toward this winning effort by digging deeply into their pocketbooks and thereby helping to elect pro-American, pro-military Congressman and a pro-American President.